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The AMCare cloud service is a modern solution to measure customised items. By monitoring the visualized data provided by AMCare, you can detect deviations in development and predict changes. The dashboard from AMCare supports proactive management.

What is Your main capital?

Factories, machines, production facilities, real estate, vehicles or something else? Through AMCare, you monitor and manage the information generated by items that are important to you. You stay up to date at all times and relevant information is available to support your decision making.

Measure. Predict. Perform.

Actmea Oy has specialized in intelligent and reliable on-field measurement solutions. Anything that can be attached with a sensor can be monitored. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it is possible to analyse the information transmitted by meters and implement visual and easy-to-read graphs and reports.

Alarms and work orders are generated automatically from the measured values. They can be transferred to another system via the RES interface. The data can be converted into e-mail messages or text messages. Based on the information, work orders can also be created directly in the calendar program.

Single measurement

The measuring object can be, for example, a slurry tank. The filling level of the tank and the location of the site can be detected. The data is sent to the cloud service using a LoRaWAN terminal installed with the sensor. Based on the information, alerts and work orders can be made. 

Some other similar measurement implementations:

      • Fuel level and location of a movable oil tank. ATEX
      • Monitoring of gas consumption
      • Detecting gas concentrations in the air
      • Counting metal particles in oil or water
      • Concrete moisture
      • Flow measurements
      • Many liquid and solid material surface level measurements

Measurements can be made from any sensor that allows mA, V and Mobus connection. We have also developed our own LoRaWAN transmitter that can be connected with most of the industrial sensors.

Example: Real-time pit surface measurement with remotely readable sensors

Several measurements are combined in to a single dashboard

With multiple measurements at an object the capability and performance can be monitored. There are several measuring points, such as vibration, temperature, electric current. By combining these measurements, analysing them and utilizing artificial intelligence, a performance measure can be formed. The metering can be utilized e.g. in preventive maintenance, graphs and reports showing the condition of the site, and in timely reports. Based on performance metrics, a dashboard can be visualized on the user’s desktop to support decision making and management.

Example: Engine condition monitoring

By measuring the vibration and temperature of the motor bearing, a damage prediction and a measure indicating the condition of the motor can be formed.

The benefit of AMCare is a dashboard that describes operational efficiency based on the right measurement data.

      • A reliable technical measuring solution

      • Real-time data in an easy-to-read format

      • Monitoring information available 24/7 without on-site visit

      • Predictability and fact-based management with real-time data

      • Improving efficiency through timeliness and statistical data

      • Enables better service for the end customer

AMCare utilizes a reliable LoRaWAN network for data transmission. Other networks can be used and combined with LoRaWAN for data transmission. LoRaWAN network is:

Energy efficient

      • Very low battery consumption – many  years battery life

Long range

      • Tens of kilometres of coverage – penetrates structures well
      • No need for gateway equipment in the facility

Open, versatile and easy

      • Open-source technology, a large number of suppliers
      • Equipment are easy to set up
      • Hundreds of different sensor models

Case Digita Oy and waste management

The filling level of the pits can be monitored in real time and the emptying of a pit can be predicted using the data obtained. The measurement data from the IoT sensor is transmitted using LoRaWAN network by Digita to the AMCare cloud service developed by Actmea, where the visualized data can be viewed in real time and, for example, to generate a work order to empty the pit. With this reliable IoT solution, waste management companies can increase the efficiency of their operations while utilizing the filling level information in the matters listed below.

Customer benefits:

      1. Efficient resourcing of route, logistics, and operations
      2. Anticipation of maintenance and the need for visits are continuously available
      3. Clear visualization of the situation 
      4. Lower CO₂ emissions thanks to real time information for need for pit emptying 
      5. Safety: avoid overflow of the pit

Features of the AMCare cloud service

      • Site-specific constructure
      • Measurement diagrams
      • Document management
      • Forms
      • Inspection reports
      • Agreements
      • Features
      • Forecasts
      • Work supervision
      • Maintenance plans
      • Data processing, analysis and artificial intelligence
      • Photos and videos
      • Placing a work order
      • Sending an alert

ActMea Oy

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